Recycle Bins


Recycle Bins

Find in this category all kinds of recycling bins, 2, 3, 4 or up to 5 waste depending on their use or where they are located, their designs are designed to accommodate any project and we offer a fully personalized service in terms of colors, forms and graphic intervention by means of custom vinyls with logotypes or special orders.

Recycling Design Metal Bins

At Vilagrasa we offer many types of recycling bins, among which you can find design bins such as office bins, shopping center bins, terrace bins, household bins, infrastructure and public spaces. Versatility, customization and robustness are values ​​that characterize each of our design bins, whether they are recycling containers for 2, 3, or up to 5 wastes or a single-waste waste bin ideal for offices.

Vilagrasa: Specialists in Manufacturing Designer Metal Bins for Recycling.

We offer specialized design litter bins for common areas, among which the highly weather-resistant stainless steel litter bins and industrial litter bins used in most cases outdoors, such as train stations, airports, etc., prevail. public and urban areas. These industrial litter bins become an important accessory for any architectural and construction project due to their versatility and, above all, the customization service that we offer at Vilagrasa, whether by color, material, vinyl with corporate logos, and why not? a totally authentic design made to measure for the client.