Integrated quality and environmental policy

VILAGRASA was founded in 1957 as a workshop specialising in metal repulsing and metalwork in general. Over the years the organisation has evolved, considering that the future of the design of wastepaper baskets and accessories involves analysing the behaviour of the people who use them. Our process of conception and redesign of each new product is the result of a study of function, utility and context, which guarantees success in each of its implementations.

The Management of VILAGRASA, within the framework of the integrated Quality and Environmental management system, has established and implemented the following Integrated Policy based on the main activity of the organisation, which is the design, manufacture and marketing of furniture for public and contract spaces, focusing on the importance of furniture design to provide any type of space with greater functionality, helping to make our customers’ lives easier and healthier.

For all these reasons, VILAGRASA assumes the following commitments:

To study the needs of society in order to offer product designs that meet the needs of our customers.

Collaboration with a network of suppliers who collaborate in the optimisation and improvement of the design and manufacturing processes.

Compliance with all legal, technical, regulatory and customer-specific requirements that affect the technical quality of the product and service provided.

Compliance with all environmental legal requirements that are applicable to our activity and other environmental requirements that we assume with the different interested parties.

Protecting the environment and preventing pollution, promoting the following commitments:

Establishment of environmental criteria for the purchase of certified wood from forests managed in accordance with sustainability criteria.

Establishment of environmental criteria for the purchase of recycled aluminium to avoid the impact of the extraction of raw materials from the natural environment and to give a second life to material already extracted.

Constant search for new recycled materials that can technically meet our quality standards.

Improve the environmental performance of the significant environmental aspects resulting from our environmental aspects assessment.

Promote the continuous improvement of the quality and environmental management system through the establishment of objectives and improvement actions.

In order to fulfil our commitments, VILAGRASA has a team of professionals who are aware of the importance of the impact their work has on the continuous improvement of the integrated management system and the satisfaction of our customers.