Vilagrasa has been concerned about people and their
environment since 1957. That is why the design of our
products responds to their users and the uses they make of them, regardless of the space in which they live.

Vilagrasa products offer people the possibility of giving
their own seal of identity to the space in which they
are placed, because they are the result of a meticulous
analysis of the needs to be met in that space. It is a way of interrelating architecture and people, and in this sense our products contribute to making the building a more human place, beyond a set of walls, furniture and machines.

Local sustainable manufacturing

Founded in 1957 in Barcelona, Vilagrasa was born as a workshop specialised in metal repulsing that grew and positioned itself internationally with exports to more than 50 countries. Since its beginnings, Vilagrasa has focused its efforts on producing locally the best accessories for any space and for this we work with
our own raw materials and reliable suppliers.

This philosophy has been the company’s backbone since its inception in our efforts to provide functional solutions that evolve in order to offer utmost quality in our products and the best solution for each type of space.

Tailor-made design and functionality

Dans notre catalogue, nous avons une grande variété de produits créés par des designers prestigieux afin de fournir des accessoires fonctionnels et de qualité. Nous collaborons avec les meilleurs designers nationaux et internationaux.

Designed and created to last

Nous nous engageons à assurer la durabilité de nos produits avec des designs intemporels et une fabrication robuste et durable, en obtenant des certificats de conformité aux normes environnementales.

We offer
customized solutions

Contact us; we can help you with your project.

We adapt to all types of projects and are happy to offer you the best solution, including customization options to meet your needs and guarantee success