Acabados: Black


A square metal umbrella stand for indoor use. Contains interior polypropylene tray to collect water.


A collection of modular bins for indoor use. Injected polystyrene flip-up-opening head. Front and head in the same colour. Rear and sides in the same colour. Bin interior contains a bag-holder ring on a steel rod. Includes 4 non-slip studs on the bottom.


Collection of benches made up of: straight bench, straight bench with planter, curved bench and curved bench with planter.


Free-standing designer coat rack. Stainless steel tube pole bolted to a steel casting base and an aluminium casting head. 3 decorative stainless-steel wires connect the 6-hanger head and the base, which has a 2 mm-hanger sheet steel trim. The 6-head hangers are made from aluminium casting and stainless steel tube.

Iconic Ciclo

A collection of modular bins for 1, 2 or 3 waste types for indoor use in transit areas. Aluminium profile on the side of the bin. A range of different lid opening options. Bin with bag-holder ring. Interior trays, wheels and pictograms available.


Collection of different types of signage: Mural identification signs, collection of signage of desktop methacrylate folders or wall-mounted banners, and collection of signage of suspended model methacrylate folders or floor support. All collections with the possibility of customization: measurements, texts, icons, braille text.


Circular metal bin with tilted head for indoor and outdoor use. Hinged head to allow the bag to be replaced. Triangular lock. Stainless steel bin. Satin and painted body. Shiny polished head. Matte shot blasted base. Zinc-coated steel sheet mesh interior tray. Available with open lid or flip-top lid with ashtray.


Free-standing coat rack or umbrella stand. 8 hangers. Ø38 mm 1.2 mm-thick steel tube pole. Polypropylene hangers. Round steel base. Base and pole bolted together. Easy assembly of hangers and umbrella stand.


Large capacity solid waste recycling container. 1 or 2 waste versions available. Hinged door with triangular lock and bag-holder ring inside.


A collection of ashtrays for outdoor areas. Version with stainless steel or crushed marble sand damper. Wall mounted with nylon plate. Free-standing damper model available with a glossy stainless steel pole and a steel cast base with glossy stainless-steel trim.


Directional and crowd control poles with 4-way retractable belt. Cast steel base. Wide fabric belt available in 4 standard colours with customisation option.


Workspace accessories collection consisting of stackable trays, bins, post-it holder double post-it holder and tray.