Iconic Ciclo

A collection of modular bins for 1, 2 or 3 waste types for indoor use in transit areas. Aluminium profile on the side of the bin. A range of different lid opening options. Bin with bag-holder ring. Interior trays, wheels and pictograms available.



  • StainlessStainless
  • BlackBlack
  • Grey (RAL 9006)Grey (RAL 9006)


ciclo cc-05

Large capacity inside container. Cap: 50 L.

ciclo cc-06

Four roller set.

ciclo cc-07

Brush for round opening.


iconic cc-01

Container with 2 round openings with brushes. Cap: 118 L

iconic cc-02

Container with 2 square chutes with lids. Cap: 118 L.

iconic cc-03

Container with 1 square chutes with lid and 1 round opening with brush. Cap: 118 L.

iconic cc-11

Wastepaper 1 waste type. Cap: 60 L.

iconic cc-12

Wastepaper 3 waste types. Cap: 175 L.

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